Elite Freecell

Elite Freecell 1.1

Elite Freecell is a challenging solitaire game with several themes

Elite Freecell is a solitaire game in which you have to use cards from 8 columns and place them by suit in the 4 free cells in the upper right corner (called home row) starting from the aces. You also have four free cells in the upper left corner of the screen that can be used to remove the cards from the columns. The cards to be moved must be arranged in the descending order from King to ace and a red card must follow a black one. You get 10 points for every card placed in the home row and when you win, you get the remaining bonus points that appear on the screen.

The game includes two game modes: Adventure and Practice. In Adventure mode, you move across the map with every game you complete, whereas in the Practice mode, you just practice your gaming skills. It has simple but nice graphics, and it allows you to customize the card and background style. It includes just a few themes like classic, erotic, gangster, beach, prehistoric, and Japanese. If you get stuck, you can redeal the cards and start all over again. The game can be paused, but you cannot save a game if it's not completed.

The game is challenging and not so easy to win. However, there's only one type of solitaire to play, and you may get bored soon.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging
  • 6 themes to choose from


  • Games cannot be saved
  • Only one solitaire type
  • No music
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